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Successfully launched in December 2015 by the start-up Art2M after an initial investment fund of 500,000 euros from AXA Strategic Ventures, ArtJaws [www.artjaws.com] is an online art sales platform that offers artworks selected by exhibition curators and acquisition consulting services. The first collections focus on popular arts: digital and outsider art, giving collectors and investors the opportunity to acquire works by artists whose reputation is on the rise.


As France’s first marketplace dedicated to artists, ArtJaws targets the international art market, offering buyers direct access to artworks and artists who are icons of pop culture and digital arts. The website is currently bilingual in French and English, and by late 2016 will also be available in Arabic, in order to develop sales and its network of collectors based in the Middle East and the Arab-speaking world.

For the first time, ArtJaws is making accessible to a wider public artworks that are rarely seen in traditional distribution channels, featuring limited editions and world exclusives from international artists.

About Art2M

Art2M is a young innovative entreprise (J.E.I) specialized in producing and distributing exclusive or custom digital artworks of innovative design. With digital cultures at the heart of its process, Art2M offers its clients (advertising agencies, institutions, corporations and private organizations) innovative branding communication and always connected events.

In 2014, Art2M launched Makery, the media for all labs, recognized as an online media organization. For more information: www.art2m.com / www.makery.info / www.artjaws.com

Media Contact  :


Romain Mangion : romain@pierre-laporte.com

Tel + 33 (0) 1 45 23 14 14


SCENOCOSME Echos_scenocosme (1)ARTJAWS
ExhibitionNew Media ArtScenocosme
20 April 2017

“Empathies” l’exposition monographique de Scenocosme au Centre Labanque à Béthune jusqu’au 23 juillet 2017

Le duo Scenocosme expose son travail à Labanque, le Centre de production et diffusion en arts…
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ArtJaws NewsExhibitionNew Media Art
20 April 2017

“Rebelling Nature”: the new online collection of works curated by Anne Roquigny and projected by connected sculptures

BBot is an internet-connected sculpture that uses unique technology to project online artwork collections into…
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ArtJaws NewsEditionNew Media Art
12 April 2017

“Practicable: From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art” : nouveau livre de Samuel Bianchini et Erik Verhagen

Samuel Bianchini, qui depuis quelques semaines fait partie des artistes ArtJaws, est co-éditeur avec Erik…
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