« Ceci est mon corps, ceci est mon logiciel », cette phrase prophétique d’ORLAN résonne particulièrement aujourd’hui où il est devenu possible pour tout un chacun de s’implanter une puce Rfid sous la peau pour contrôler son ordinateur ou différents dispositifs électroniques.


Les artistes, notamment dans le mouvement Bio Art, testent depuis plusieurs années les croisements entre corps biologique et nouvelles technologies pour repousser les limites du vivant. En mise en regard de la collection Tatoo Art, pour la première collection temporaire art contemporain numérique, nous avons ainsi sélectionné des artistes qui travaillent sur le corps: corps augmenté, corps numérique, corps robotique …




“A historical object of anthropological, ethnological and sociological studies, tattooing is currently the object of popular and media curiosity as well as an object of consumption for advertising and fashion that exploit and use its specific imagery to sell other messages. The Academic History of art from which we come from in Europe has banned popular art to earn a respectability only granted to what is commonly called “The Great Art”. Two issues – a non-commoditized support and a work thought by two persons – that ended up to definitively denying tattooing from any artistic rhetoric. Besides this difficulty of acceptance and discernment, tattooing has always been independent and at the heart of the three main pillars of the artistic gesture: subject, composition, technique – constituting over time a specific iconography defining its own classics. Thus, the more open prominence taking place today around the tattoo has to take into account an artistic history constituted of fundamentals, classics, initiators and heirs that have not been waiting for the spirit of the times to exist. The Tattoo Art collection fits in this evidence: a presentation of the different active generations and the founding artists who are impossible to ignore today as historical significance; a proposal of strong and original works in the current landscape. We wish to establish a first anchor point toward the art collectors and the world of the art market.” Anne & Julien