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Koï and Blossom

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This artwork is part of the Tattoo Art #1 collection, presented on ArtJaws from October 25th, 2015 to May 22th, 2016.

Born in 1967, Marcus Kuhn got his first tattoo at the age of 16 by Thom de Vita, a leading figure of the American underground tattoo, in his apartment on the Lower East Side, during a period when tattooing was still officially banned in New York. Fascinated by this environment and its art, he went to his first convention in 1986 in New Orleans, where he met the young Filip Leu. Very impressed with his style, Marcus Kuhn decides in the late 80s to start an apprenticeship with Jonathan Shaw at Fun City in New York. Read more.

“The Koï carp is a sign of hope, perseverance and wisdom, and also an image very popular in Japanese mythology from Edo period woodblock art and Tebori. The Koï climbs the waterfall and then becomes a dragon. This style is very simple and uses Mikiri (or windbars): the Japanese tattoo technique started with hand work and limited colors, allowing compositions that contrasted ten values of grey against the colors in the foreground; the simplicity was designed to allow greater longevity for the tattoo. As tattoo ages the lines and the color often looses intensity, and with this style as the person ages the tattoo softens but remains very readable. The traditional styles use a strong skeleton or line work and then gradations of black and then finally fields of color.”

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Dimensions 27.94 x 35.56 cm

Marcus Kuhn






Gouache on paper, Sumi ink, Watercolor


Unframed artwork


Original artwork

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