An exceptional encounter between a contemporary painter Ronan BARROT and an artist, researcher in artificial intelligence, Robbie BARRAT. 

450 paintings of “Skulls” painted by Ronan Barrot over the last few years have been digitally scanned and imported by Robbie Barrat in a neural network to train it and create new images of «Skulls». Once trained, the neural network (a type of GAN) created new skulls, a near infinite amount that Ronan Barrot could have created with his own hand. This new series generated by artificial intelligence was entitled “Infinite skulls” and exhibited in Paris for the first time in March 2019 by Caroline Vossen from the Avant Galerie.

Born in 1973, trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and at the Berlin University of the Arts, Ronan Barrot is a French painter represented by Claude Bernard Gallery in Paris.
Robbie Barrat is a 19 years old artist who is a leading light in the world of GAN art, generating headlines with his surreal nudes and landscapes. Barrat’s work and process revolve around manipulating neural networks to misinterpret data and generate surprising and novel imagery.