Greed (Series CrossWorlds – Chronography)

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The artist Olga Kisseleva‘s approach to her work is much the same as a scientist’s. A discrepancy detected during a procedure or within the workings of a structure oblige her to formulate a hypothesis, in order to explain the complication in question, and wherever possible, to propose a solution to the problem. Read more

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The title « CrossWorlds » evokes the “in-situ” practice, when the artwork takes place in the existing universe, initiate a conversation with its environment and overall or divert it. Moreover CrossWorlds symbolizes the intersection of two images, two contrasting worlds. The word CrosWorlds makes an allusion to “crossword” and plays on the visual and functional similarity between the crosswords grids and the TAGs. The CrossWorlds project began in 2006 at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. With the collaboration with the scientific Foundation LEIA, Olga Kisseleva created a program that allows to encode information (image, text, sound, command…) which appears or start to work when a cell-phone go past the TAG. The artist used this technology for the first time to create a path through the Guggenheim museum.

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Dimensions 100 x 5 x 100 cm

Olga Kisseleva


France, Russia




Digital print under Diasec, barcode


Unframed artwork


3 copies

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