Born in 1968, lives and works in Châteauroux. Fabrice Cotinat is the first one as a skilled engineer playful machines, he subverts the mechanisms of production and reception of the image in general and the artwork in particular. Graduated from ENSA Bourges. He builds various projects in Europe and Asia from his several residence projects. He participated in the development of the association Bandits-Mages Bourges and its multimedia festival from 1992 to 2002. He created in 1999 with a collective Castelroussin David Legrand and Henrique Martins Duarte: « La galerie du cartable » which he invests creation audiovisual through the video satchel – projection space and nomadic creation – and the practice of an invention film whose originality is based on low-tech devices shots and staged constraints by cobbled architectures. It turns film director, actor and / or writer. Fictional Dialogues (2001-2008) carried out by the collective depict conversations between artists, filmmakers and writers from different eras: achronic improbable duets between ghosts Leonardo da Vinci and Nicolas Poussin, Albrecht Dürer and Joseph Beuys, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Andy Warhol or Roland Barthes and Marguerite Duras. These “Dialogues of the Dead” inspired from the book of Fenelon, composed between 1692 and 1695, verbal collisions, formal and visual, generate much alive collaborations with many artists, video artists and filmmakers. Michel Aubry, Françoise Cardon, Joseph Morder, Boris Lehmann, Alain Cavalier, Marie Losier … For any of Fabrice Cotinat’s activities, there is found a link between homo faber (the man that manufactures) and Homo Ludens (the man plays) duality forged a strong sense telescoping, a critical stance or policy on art and representation. In 2007, he created Châteauroux Underground (Association Act 1901) for the development and promotion of a collective art. Start 2009 to 2013 in prisons, Fabrice Cotinat was invited to achieve a project of the goal we had to recreate the social link between the detainees. He directed an experimental TV studio as well as a channel for this purpose. During five years, he directed the film production and the daily television program for the inner channel of the prison. He is now teaches video at the National School of Fine Arts in Limoges. His artworks are selected in France FRAC and abroad in private collections. Since one year he works in duet with Yu-Ting SU. Artistic achievements in progress, thoughts and created together, are experimental films that are a combination of various methods and skills mastered like photography, drawing, robotics, animation, sculpture and performance. Their artwork questions the meaning of art always with the wish to recall the speech, language, ideas, forms and poetry. Through a thought and experiences that reconcile digital and analog.

This artist has been selected by the guest curator Ewen Chardronnet as part of his ArtJaws collection entitled “COSMOS OF MUTUAL EXCHANGES”.