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Born in 1968, lives and works in Châteauroux. Fabrice Cotinat is the first one as a skilled engineer playful machines, he subverts the mechanisms of production and reception of the image in general and the artwork in particular. Graduated from ENSA Bourges. He builds various projects in Europe and Asia from his several residence projects. He participated in the development of the association Bandits-Mages Bourges and its multimedia festival from 1992 to 2002. He created in 1999 with a collective Castelroussin David Legrand and Henrique Martins Duarte: « La galerie du cartable » which he invests creation audiovisual through the video satchel – projection space and nomadic creation – and the practice of an invention film whose originality is based on low-tech devices shots and staged constraints by cobbled architectures. It turns film director, actor and / or writer. Read more

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«I turned an old magnetic tape recorder into an automating drawing machine. Two wooden arms fixed on the tape reels draw geometric patterns. Vary the speed or shorten the wooden arms lead to create different patterns. The revolutions of the magnetic tapes create the drawings. The resulting images can be seen as markers of temporality rather than simply drawings. The simple device follows the tradition of automated drawing machines pioneered by computer artist Desmond Paul Henry and continued by the computer art movement and many others.»

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Fabrice Cotinat