Mixing video, sculptures and projections, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves undertakes for several years a work on vision process and conditioning. The artist manipulates light video as paint by modulation of projections on sculptures. Her treatment of light by overlapping of video projections on “screen” sculptures evokes a duality of reality, tangible and immaterial. The physical and interactive experiment is inherent to her approach which favors implication of the spectator’s body in the relationship to the artwork. By movement and action, the artistic object becomes a tool of cognitive questioning. In association with musicians coming from the experimental stage, her work on perception  is enriched by sound component as part of installations or concerts. Her approach uses phenomenal perception of time and space. It is part of the space of shadows and lights alignment and evokes the limits of human perception and the events which connect us with foreign spaces-times. The artist’s videos give to perceive cyclic and progressive rotations, progress of hypnotic light states with introspective nature. Interrelated to space, her installations define themselves according to places.