COSMOGRAPHIES, Atacama, Chili, 2016. 23°08’14”S 68°14’6”W / PLEIADES (NOV. 8TH, 2016 -11 p.m. – Alt : 2500M) (Poster Offset)

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Mixing video, sculptures and projections, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orvesundertakes for several years a work on vision process and conditioning. The artist manipulates light video as paint by modulation of projections on sculptures. Read more

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Walking down the desert is a physical experience of the relationship with the horizon. Those of Atacama and Bonneville are augmented by a nocturnal horizon that offers to the naked eye a detailed image of the cosmos, a sky covered with thousands of celestial objects. The apparent proximity of the luminous points is misleading, some celestial objects are close (some light-years), others are several thousand AL of the Earth. The gaze reading the celestial vault dissolves little by little in the multiple temporalities of the visible stars.

The repeated actions of the “Cosmographies” series connect the sky and the earth by geometric combinations and architectures of ephemeral sculptures of light between near objects and the deep sky. At a given moment and in a given place, the lines of light show relations of simultaneities between the continuous movement of the Earth and that of the cosmos. This series of photographs highlights a suspension of time between these two immensities.

With the support of Marseille’s Laboratory of Astrophysics, ESO (Alma telescope), CNC (DiCRéAM), Institut Français (PACA), Diffusing Digital Art, Seconde Nature.

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