Thierry Fournier is a French artist living in the Paris area. His work creates spaces of confrontation, which deals with the limits between human and non-human, otherness and sociality. He is particularly interested in how these questions are replayed through media and technology, in a broad sense. The materials he uses can be a symphony orchestra, media found on the internet, messages exchanged via social networks, objects, landscapes, media broadcast within the public space, surveillance systems, etc. His installations, objects, videos, photographs and performances uses these elements, modifying or shifting them to highlight their stakes. Through these situations, his work proposes a vision of the relationships between individuals, society, nature and artifacts. Having started out as a musician and composer, Thierry Fournier holds an architect degree from the Lyon Advanced School of Architecture. His work is regularly showed in France and abroad; he is also a curator. Recent exhibitions include Ars Santa Monica (Barcelona, Spain), New Cinema Festival (Montreal, Canada), La Panacée (Montpellier), Centre Pompidou (Paris), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Lux Scène nationale de Valence, Exit and Via festivals, Renaissance and Fantastic (Lille), Japanese French Institute (Tokyo), etc.