Born in 1960 in Paris, Juan Le Parc has been working on the representation of the human body associating artistic and scientific practices since many years. As he melts anthropological body modifications and scientific images, he creates plastic universes full of hybrid and chimeric creatures coming from mythical imaginations. He created an artistic tetralogy based on the esthetic of monstrosity which allows him to study the ideological contradictions that are the basis of unambiguous speeches on the perfection of the contemporary human body. He tends to give an alternative to the assisted reproduction. He proposes an assisted reproduction trough imagination, taking his inspirations in the fertility myths and the erotic rituals. He is the co-founder of the “Laboratoire des Arts Cognitifs” and of a theatrical company specialized in urban intervention called “Conspiration Publique” with whom he produces strange multimedia shows on human body and its physical and psychological modifications as Chaosmose or Suspension Cube. He also develops the “Pangéa” project, which sets a device on the web that allows to collectively creating a human constellation divided on the five continents. He often works with medical and scientific institutions for his projects that aim to question art and science. Nowadays he is developing scenic, sound system and plastic artworks on the interface between human-machine in real time, as for example with Copy/Conform, Copy/Difform or Dromopole.