Dani Ploeger is an artist working with computer programming, electronics hacking, cultural theory and performance. His work investigates and subverts the spectacles of sex, violence and waste in techno-consumer culture. He has made a smartphone app that is available from an adult app store, and undergone an operation in which electronic waste was installed in his abdomen by a body piercer, among others. Dani Ploeger travels around most of the year, both to show and make work. In recent years, he has worked with traditional metal workers in the old city of Cairo to encase tablet computers in plate steel, attended firearms training in Poland to shoot an iPad with an AK47, and travelled to dump sites in Lagos, Nigeria, to collect electronic waste originating from Europe. His work has been presented at galleries, museums and festivals for art and media technology, such as transmediale (Berlin), WRO Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw), the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and Arse Elektronika, a festival of sex and technology (San Francisco).

This artist has also been selected by the guest curator Klio Krajewska as part of her ArtJaws collection entitled “RISING CLASSICS”.