Bruyant is an interactive art studio based in Paris. Composed with engineers, musicians and visual artists, the collective creates installations and performances based on games. Experiences are somewhere between generative art and video games, with a social and co-operative side.


Bitcrusher is an underground artist coming from the aletrnativ, electro scene He is fascinated by circuit bending, 8bit worlds and DIY. He composes music with sounds from toys, glitch stuffs and from the first video game (NES, GameBoy, C64). He is an activist for circuit bending and chipmusic for many years. 


Mabel Octobre works on questions about non-existence areas. These creations implement a work of memory and rehabilitation (historical surveys, literature searches), mix different disciplines and place a strong emphasis on digital development, technological innovation and contemporary writing.

These artists have been selected by the guest curator Klio Krajewska as part of her ArtJaws collection entitled “RISING CLASSICS”.