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“A Beautiful Accident”, artificial intelligence and technological culture at the Trondheim kunstmuseum in Norway

Until May 6, 2018, the 5th Trondheim biennale presents at the Trondheim kunstmuseum with Metamorf 2018, the exhibition “A Beautiful Accident” that confronts us with the pressing topics we see ourselves confronted with while heading towards a nearby era where Artificial Intelligence and autonomous machines ruled by algorithms will become part of our lives and our bodies.

The 5th Trondheim biennale, Metamorf 2018 – A Beautiful Accident – is aiming at a broad audience as well towards artists, designers, creators and thinkers. Together Meta.Morf wants to research, imagine and speculate on how we are looking at the future of mankind in the context of an overwhelming technological culture that hands us the tools for changing our future. This exhibition is curated by Alex Adriaansens and co-curated by Espen Gangvik and Angelica D. Schmitt.

Today, we have reached the point where the entire existence of our civilization and species depends on the maintenance of technological Infrastructure so that we can state, that we have entered a new phase of dependency. At the same time, this technology has become the new environment. Now we are faced with an entirely new kind of Nature, in which biology and technology are intertwined and where human and nonhuman actors struggle for supremacy. This Nature 2.0 isn’t just an update, it is evidently a fundamentally new situation, that once again challenges our existing civilization to undertake enormous adaptation processes.

In « A Beautiful Accident », « The Council » by Frederik De Wilde (BE) takes the sculpture Le Penseur by Rodin as the starting point of asking what the Thinker would be thinking about today. « Axon » by Joris Strijbos is reflecting neural networks as sequences of electrical impulses that according to Jeff Hawkins, could eventually lead to the creation of autonomous and creative machines. « Different Ways to Infinity – DWI » by Félix Luque Sánchez (BE), will bring into experience – visible and audible – the metaphysical aspects of science.

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1/ Felix Luque Sanchez, “DWI”, installation, 2016 @ GRIDSPACE
2/ Joris Strijbos, “Axon”, installation, 2016. Photos by Bresadola + Freese/ drama-berlin.de for NOME