Archive d’une frappe / Modèle #3 : Descente de tom

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Paul Destieu lives and works in Marseille, France. His researches question the evolution of media and their situation in our contemporary environment. His work is noticeably influenced by the history of technologies, languages, sound and cinema. His visual art practice often extends to a wider range of media, looking for new forms of expression and logics through sound, installation, digital practices and architecture. Read more

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The project entitled “Archive of a Strike” is focused on the materialization of sound and musical forms. This work suggests a collision of sound and plastic structures by inviting visual practices and contemporary media in a sensitive re-reading of musical languages. The project combines a series of polymorphic creations, resulting from the capture and the analysis of the movements of a percussionist drummer, focused on the emerging tensions between the musician and his instrument. This experiment is based on the temporal and spatial deployment of a gesture, the chopsticks mechanically translating a relation to time by the interpretation of rhythm, and of sound by a physical development. Each stage of the production chain successively proposes a digital appropriation of this unique gesture. Once captured, modelled and printed in three dimensions, the stroke is extracted from its context to freeze the counter-form of the interpreter and the instrument. The archive brings together a series of works between listening and seeing.

Research cycle rea­lised at Lab Gamerz / M2F Créa­tions
Production : Lab Gamerz / M2F Créa­tions, OTTO- Prod, DICREAM
Development : Damien Ravnich, Lab Gamerz, Bastien Vacherand, Gon­zague Du Rau, Guillaume Stagnaro
Photo credit : Luce Moreau

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