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Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian experimental visual artist, specializing the fields of video art and photography, but specifically in glitch art. St-Pierre’s passion for experimentation within a multitude of video manipulations stemmed from a lifelong passion of cinema. Since, he has refined his passion for visual art to focus on the creative medium of digital glitches, generative art and net art. His exhibition “100dpi.” was shown at the Gahoedong 60 Gallery in Seoul in 2015. Regarding this exhibition, St-Pierre reiterated that the creation of his work is a matter of trial and error. Read more

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Mathieu St-Pierre’s work is a critique of the internet and its perversity, from spam and other advertising windows to pornography, social media, avatars and emoticons. The visual of his body of work is mainly accentuated by the intrusion of random computer anomalies and other malfunctions. Also, his images are characterized as “kaleidoscopic color-scapes with the familiar glow of digital glitches. However, St-Pierre has used the digital faults to create saturated pieces with wavering, repetitive lines like brushstrokes in a reflective sea of color.”  – Grace Wong (The Guardian)

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