Extrémiste Hindou

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Since Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot met in 2001, their joint work bears the dual hallmark of experimentation and performance. Pieces bring together various media, associating elements from opposite ranges, with a taste for connections between Sci-Fi and documentary forms, high-tech engineering and fantasy tales, heavyweight materials and fleeting sensations. Read more

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«Extrémiste Hindou (Hindu Extremist) is an impressive warthog skull that seems to challenge us. Its massive volume, as well as its double set of tusks pointing upward makes it the most virile animal of the artist’s bestiary. The owner of the trophy will be able to take off at leisure the beautiful excrescences of this wild pig, and use them in a way that shall be left at the discretion of the owner.  Its surface is coated with paint that make it look like the mother-of-pearl, enamel and china. It evokes the last coating of fancy car bodies, or a tricky plastic surgery operation. The animal’s tusks were copied and made of steel (each piece is unique, forged in stainless steel and removable), in the style of chrome steel hubcaps or surgical prosthesis. This object is both archaic and futuristic; it is the leftovers of a feast that were transmuted into precious relics. This animal carcasse is transposed into the glamorous universe of finish fetish and glossy. Its satiny envelope conceals its vulnerable appearance. It is spared the yellowing and the irrevocable cracks; it is captured in smoothness and stand with eternal youth ahead of it.» Maguerite Pilven

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Dimensions 18 x 36 x 28 cm

Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot






Stainless steel, car painting, bone, polyester


Original artwork

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