Mona L.H.O.

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Albertine Meunier has been practicing so-called digital art since 1998, and is particularly inclined to use the Internet as raw material. She defines herself as a Net artist, which is not necessarily her artistic net value. This mildly obsolete expression—a Net artist is, quite simply, an artist of her time—helps to give her a human face, far from the coldness of digital machines. Read more

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In January 2008, Artprice launched a powerful measuring tool—the Art Market Confidence Index—capable of appreciating art market trends in real-time. The Art Market Confidence Index (AMCI) is a value generated by Artprice according to a large number of art market indicators. Its value fluctuates over time between -40 and +40. When the art market is confident, the AMCI is positive; when the market is morose, the AMCI is negative. Mona LHO is an Internet-connected art piece that restores and displays this Art Market Confidence Index in real-time. Basically, this object is a connected ready-made. Mona LHO is a ready-made of modern times through its relationship to the art market and its connection to the Internet.

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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 18 cm

Albertine Meunier






Connected object, Interactive installation. Mixed Media.


Original artwork

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