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Olivier Ratsi is a French visual artist and he lives and works in Paris. Olivier Ratsi’s work presents objective reality, time, space and matter as a series of intangible informative notions. Focusing on the experience of reality and its representations, as well as the perception of space, he conceives works that encourage the viewer to question his or her own interpretation of what is real. Read more

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RCTNGL, the first work in a series that continues the Echolyse concept on a smaller scale, is a 3-D sculpture. The piece is made up of wood-fibre mounts set at right angles onto which generative content is projected, making the work come to life. In the video projection, white lines trace out forms that pick up on the shape of the sculpture. From among these random shapes, a rectangle can appear, but only if the viewer is standing in a specific spot. This follows a principle of anamorphosis, and adds a new dimension to the work.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 70 cm

Olivier Ratsi






Black wood fibres, video projection, computer, generative content


Original artwork

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