Temptation of the Dancing Mask_ Dark Eating Machine (S)

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Ujoo+limheeyoung is an husband-and-wife team of media artists formed by Ujoo (the husband, born 1976) and Limheeyoung (the wife, born 1979). They worked together for the first time in 2004 for a design competition and since then, they have been involved in many projects. Read more

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The Dark Eating Machine is made of masks that evoke darkness. The artwork moves its numerous teeth in the dark, emitting powerful light to absorb the energy of the darkness and forming a black hole once it has accumulated enough dark. Ujoo+Limheeyoung anticipates that it can serve as a channel connecting with another world. This work creates fictional stories. It tells absurd, nonsensical tales, stories about the unknowable, stories about things that do not exist in reality. Ujoo+Limheeyoung’s will is to send a strong message of hope, suggesting that fiction stories can be used to maintain a certain balance through the connection with other possible universes and directions, in a world where there seems to be only one possibility. In other words, the adding of fictional stories to an uncomfortable-seeming reality is a way of reconstructing the reality itself into a new frame and thus carrying something essential in it.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 50 x 44 x 46.5 cm
Collection curated by:

Doo Eun Choi


Ujoo + Limheeyoung


South Korea




Kinetic sculpture: steel, electronics, LED, dc motor, servo motor, burnt wood


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