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“E-merging Nature”, relationship between nature and digital culture at the Marignana Arte in Venice

Until 5 may 2018, Marignana Arte presents “E-merging Nature”, an exhibition project curated by Ilaria Bignotti and Federica Patti, with six artists who have agreed to inflect their own language in poetically coherent works, in many cases created expressly.

The very title of the show expresses the basic themes in a play on words, the dialog between the concepts of “to emerge” and “to merge” in connection with the theme of Nature: a vast and wonderful container of inspirations and messages, images and meanings, throughout the exhibition it is interpreted via the recent debate that in the 21st-century, through the present-day artistic research, investigates it as a surviving model, a stimulating yet melancholy icon, in its inflexions of landscape and place of reference or election, image mediated by digital culture, reference and parameter of a perhaps still possible relationship between Man and the individual, cosmos and collectivity.

Through the works on exhibit, the nature is either emerging or implied, presented or transformed, pure or contaminated by the visual languages: digital painting is either viewed as an act of salvation and re-elaboration of a recent history in «The Next Era» by Mariella Bettineschi, or in the potential collusions between processing, synthesis, temporal and spatial osmosis in Quayola’s «Jardin d’Eté».

The exhibition with its various formal outcomes, unfolds in a coherent and involving trajectory, making “emerge” and “mixing” languages of artists who work either with natural and organic materials or digital technology, always striving to suggest other worlds of contamination and confusion between natural, cultural, social, and technological ambits.

Artists: Stefano Arienti, Mariella Bettineschi, Arthur Duff, Claudia Losi, Quayola, Laura Renna

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1/ Installation view, Arthur Duff, Stefano Arienti, Laura Renna, Marignana Arte, 2018

2/ Installation view, Quayola, Arthur Duff, Claudia Losi, Marignana Arte, 2018