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“Fate, accident, or serendipity” the Biennale Némo opens its doors in Île-de-France for six months

Kathy Hinde - "Piano Migrations"

Lukas Kruniger - "A Three Way Symbiosis"

Le Livre Infini, Albertine Meunier © Jean-Louis Losi

From October 4th to end of March 2018, Némo Biennal International of digital arts explores the contemporary digital creation in Île-de-France with “FATE, ACCIDENT, OR SERENDIPITY?”. With more than 130 events (exhibitions, shows/performances, concerts, meetings, and conferences), Némo brings together more than sixty different and complementary Parisian sites dedicated to the digital creation, whose success goes nowadays far beyond our borders.

Némo International Biennal of Digital Arts is an event dedicated to arts and creation, that differentiate by its unleashed artistic creation, its hybridization of disciplines, its support for aesthetics and emerging engineering, the enhancement of relations between arts and sciences, and the constant attention to the societal issues at the heart of our time, namely, data and ultra-connection.

For this new season 2017/2018, the Biennial event Némo will open its borders and will transport its spectators to take place collectively and with ingenuity on the trajectory of the fate and the discovery.

“For now, make way for surprises, for creative accidents, for the unexpected, for the organization of fate by digital artists”, says Gilles Alvarez, Director of Nemo, International Digital Arts Biennial – Paris / Île-de-France, Arcadi Île-de-France.

For its opening night, Némo will showcase Ben Frost’s new show, Parquet’s trance, the stirring performance of Walter Dean, Julien Desprez’s free guitar, and Pascal Lièvre’s philosophical aerobics. The German artist Alva Noto and Anne-James Chaton will present “ALPHABET” (world premiere) at the closing of the biennial in March 2018.

To the program of this new edition, three main exhibitions will come to punctuate the temporality of the Biennale. From November 15 to 25 2017, Variation Media Art Fair, co-produced by ArtJaws, MCD and Art2M, at the Cité Internationale des Arts, will be dedicated to the contamination of the artistic media by the digital and will aim to document the world in its shivers, from the most spectacular to the most intimate, with the artworks of a digital contemporary art. Curated by Dominique Moulon most of these artworks will also be available on ArtJaws, including Jonathan Monaghan, Gregory Chatonsky, Jeanne Susplugas, Fabien Léaustic and Pascal Dombis.
This year Variation Media Art Fair Paris will host “L’Origine du Monde – Numérique” an exhibition gathering three of the most important art shows of the 60’s at the crossroads of arts and technology.

After “Trouble Makers: Sensation Versus Digital” in 2013 and “Prosopopées: when the objects come to life” in 2015, the heart of the Nemo Biennial exhibition entitled « Les Faits du Hasards » will take place at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS. The exhibition does not impose the fate to the artists but those are the artists who impose the fate to the spectators. This is not an accidental coincidence, but rather a coincidence organized by the creators. The artworks of the exhibition, arising from technologies sometimes quite sharp, often involve computer programming. The wind of Minnesota, captured in real time, will disturb “Tele Present Wind” by David Bowen. Nicolas Maigret, Pascal Haudressy, BeAnotherLab among others will present their works as well.

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