Solimán López (Burgos, 1981, Spain), BA in Art history and Art and Communication Master,  is a new media artist. He runs the department of I+D+I in ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología de Valencia) and is the founder of the Harddiskmuseum. He develops his work and investigation applying and analyzing the technology from a technical and conceptual point of view creating pieces of digital art, interactive, performance, and media art in general. He uses strong references to the art history, the social changes obtained by the technological revolution paradigm and the new language proposed by the digital itself. His work has been shown in many countries such as Venezuela (I Bienal de Arte Emergente), Cuba (Festival deCamagüey), Nicaragua (CCE), Mexico (CCE), El Salvador (CCE), Argentina (MACBA – Buenos Aires, MAC– Bahía Blanca, Palacio Ferreyra – Córdoba, Timoteo Navarro – Tucumán), Sweden (Switzerland Art Space), Pasadena and Chicago (MIA Festival), Portugal (Au pie de la Montagne Show) or Greece (Create an Accident) and museums such as CAC of Málaga, IVAM of Valencia (Tecnometrías and Sustratos exhibition), Matadero in Madrid, Museo Centro del Carmen (Valencia), Centro Cibeles (Madrid), I-CAS (Sevilla), Arts Santa Monica, Etopia: Center for Art and Technology as well as at the ARCO Madrid, JustMad or ArtMadrid in Spain, Point Ephémère and Mi*Galerie in Paris. Solimán has been invited for making talks, conferences and workshops: Tedx Valladolid, Bancaja Foundation, Injuve, UPV Valencia, UFSM (Santa María – Brazil), UNESP (Brazil), Espacio Plá (Buenos Aires), MAC (Bahía Blanca), CAAC Cuenca, Brieffestival (Medialab Prado Madrid), Digitall (Valencia), CCCB (Barcelona), Art Santa Monica (Barcelona), Etopia: Center for Art and Technology (Zaragoza), Universidad de Cuenca (Cuenca) , Universidad Carlos III (Madrid), among others. Currently, he is preparing his next solo show in Scan Room (London), and other group exhibitions such as “Intervalos” (Cigarreras, Alicante. Spain), “My World” (Matadero Madrid) and “Open Codes” in ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany).