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The 2018 FAD Digital Art Biennial extends the date for its open call for artistic participation until October 1st, 2017

2018 FAD Digital Art Biennial in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte extends the end date of its open call for artistic proposals. Artists and creatives have until October 1st to propose their creation in connection with arts, science, and technology.

In this special edition of FAD, called the Digital Art Biennial, the goal will be to show works and concepts through which the transformations, over time, of digital processes in life, in creativity and in society through art and communication, create experiences by means of immersive hybridizations for the visitors.

Since 2007, the Digital Art Festival has spread the themes of Art through New Technologies in four pillars of action in Belo Horizonte / Brazil. Workshops, lectures, presentations and art exhibitions. During this period there were around 20 thousand people, and exchanges with many professionals around the world, publications, researches and national awards.

More information about this open call here