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The Art Center Nabi celebrates new media arts with artist residencies and an exhibition of Keiichi Matsuda

Nabi Artist Residency 2017

Art Center Nabi operates a global residency program for media artists. Continuing from the previous year Nabi Artist Residency program is the platform that communicates and experiments at the intersection of art and technology with talented artists based on diverse cultural background. The program, collaborated with Netherland V2, is waiting for a participation of many enthusiastic artists interested in this program.

Two sessions are scheduled this year. The first one of two months from July to September 2017 is for Korean artists only. A second residency will be opened to the international for three months from July to September 2017. Registration ends on May 15 with an announcement of the winners in early June.

Research and Creative Activity

The program will proceed various artistic contents such as an interview regarding the artist’s creation, continuous discussions, and critics. Among these ongoing inquiries of creativity with technological perception, the program will encourage artists to study their artwork profoundly.

Exhibition and related Program

During the residency program, the participated artists will host the exhibition to present the result of their art projects in Nabi Artist Residency program. Additionally, the artist will have artist talks to introduce their creative experience during the residency program and the result of their art projects.


After the end of the program, the residency will relate domestic/foreign creative laboratories and media art centers to the artists to continue their follow-up projects.

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“Hyper-Reality”: Keiichi Matsuda exhibition until April 30th, 2017 

The Art Center Nabi presents “Hyper-Reality” a multi-media installation about mixed reality in the time of saturated media by Keiichi Matsuda for COMO & HAPPY SCREEN. In the current world, the experience of individuals, personal interests, and mutual relations are constantly changed by rapidly changing technologies.

The title <hyper-reality> refers to a world where physical reality and virtual reality are naturally merged and thus difficult to distinguish. It depicts a certain aspect of human life where even personal life and identity are dominated by the system. In <hyper-reality>, the ‘self’ reveals its existential instability by an error of the system and the technology gets replaced by a human belief system.

What will be the most important value of life in the future society that will diversify with the development of technology? Art Center Nabi hopes that the presentation of “Hyper-Reality” provides an opportunity to reflect on the values to be needed in the future society and the role of the human in the coming days.

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