How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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Vincent Voillat (FR), born 1977, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Grenoble (2001) and from Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains in Tourcoing (2003). Read more

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A board, held at its base by a stone, is leaning against the wall. The set, which looks a bit raw, comes alive when the light decreases. The wood board and the assemblage are crossed by a light, that remind us of a spring foliage’s melancholic light. Therefore, lost, we are seeking for the light source. The stone was picked up in Blois (France) next to a XIth century donjon, which is also the oldest building of the city. The artist works on the idea of territories, focusing his practice on the layers of History and the changes’ flow they operate on a geographic area. He combines object he comes across, rich in history and filled with symbols, to contemporary forms, to create a new poetic form of language. By mixing wood, stones to new technology, he questions diverse historical period to the perception and understanding of a territory and reality in our contemporary context.

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Vincent Voillat






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