Animated Gif #1

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Born in France in 1981, Jean-Benoît Lallemant is an artist who questions representation in the age of the Internet, real-time and new communication technologies. In particular, he focuses on the status of painting within this context, and more precisely on the painting of history. Read more

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Every painting of the Animated Gif series represents an example of the small animations displayed while a computer is loading or executing a task. The original purpose of these animated graphics is to show the user that the machine is working. The displacement of a common visual sign only displayed when using a computer is the starting point of a critical attitude towards usual expectations about a painting. Each piece in the Cover flow series is a sort moment of non-existence of an image. Beyond its irony, its absurdity and its improbability it opens a questioning about our expectations towards the exhibition of a picture.

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Dimensions 80 x 3 x 60 cm

Jean-Benoit Lallemant






Oil on linen


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