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Aurélien Bambagioni lives and works in Paris, researching mapping systems and producing series of visual works mainly regarding the distribution of artworks, especially online. He explores these issues on his website ABCréation ( His most recent projects question the notions of territory, positioning and movement, both based on a theory that references the Grand Tour and establishing relationships between his art, media and technology practices and his sports and tourist activities. Read more

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Comeback offers a style of visual writing associated with movement, wandering and tourism. Or with presence in this world. Comeback is a rhizomatic model with a center. That of the artist. The same center where the artist is situated at the very moment of taking THE photograph. The photographic witness, from a view other than simply frontal, which Aurélien Bambagioni saw in each of the places he passed through. A sort of digital “I was here”. A sort of architecture augmented by his specific passages (the artist only makes a “Comeback” in places where he has spent the night, especially where he passes through for a specific reason. Bambagioni hopes that one day, this work will be able to deliver a exterrestrial vision of his comings and goings. As he himself says: “We always come back to the place where we started, even after leaving it. And one day we stay there.” Besides his ultimate challenge to deliver an extraterrestrial view of this “collection”: Mount Fuji. The artist will integrate  into the original ArTT piece a Comeback in real time from its collectors.


This artwork is coproduced by Art2M.


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