In Memory of Me – toward a new gestures directory

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Stéphane Simon is a visual artist. Age 45, he lives and works in Paris. He has been drawing and painting for more than 20 years, his work focusing on body and face representation. He has participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions, the latest being in 2014 in Paris to present his latest work, exclusively on paper. His work is featured in several private collections. In 2012, he decided to invest the sculpture field using 3D-printing technologies, at the time in full emergence, opening new prospects to produce forms and conducting Stéphane to acquire new technical expertise. Read more

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«In Memory of Me – toward a new gestures directory » is a statuary work, which brings classical sculpture and high-end digital technologies together, highlights a new gesture directory born from the practice of selfies, new universal rituals associated to our digital societies. The gestures linked to selfies are without precedent nor equivalent in the whole history of mankind, and they address the topics of a new form of universal non-verbal communication, its relationship with Antiquity, our needs for myths, games and theatricality, as well as the power and place images occupy in our contemporary societies. Relationship with time and memory are also at the core of my project.

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Simon Stéphane






3D Printing, Sculpture


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