K-9_topology: Hybrid Family n°5

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Maja Smrekar was born 1978 in Slovenia, 2005 graduated at the Sculpture Department of Fine Art Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia; currently finishing MA at the New Media Department. Her main interests are based at the phenomenology of perception and the concept of life. Among others, she has been collaborating with Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana for the last eight years and with Aksioma Institute for the last five years. Under their production she has been executing projects, connecting the intersections of humanistic and natural sciences into the inetrdisciplinary art works. Read more

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The photo performance was
executed as part of the residency
in Berlin (January 2016), and has been an outcome of a living in a gallery, along with a photographer Manuel Vason (for a week) and with the artist ́s two dogs Byron (Scottish Border Collie) and Ada (Icelandic Shepherd) for three months. The latter she has been breastfeeding as a public performance. As an outcome of this photo performance, the sensitivity emerged out of a non-verbal communication between a human and an animal, a kinship grown out of a common need to strip away the surface layers of reality, a desiree to submerge the artistic gaze into a realm of pure primordial impulses. The statement of the project is about becoming-animal during a three months process through which the artist was transcending herself into becoming a surrogate mother to a dog.

The series “K-9_topology : ECCE CANIS” has been nominated for the New Technological Art Award (NTAA) 2016 (Be). 


Maja Smrekar & Manuel Vason artistic collaboration, Berlin, 2016

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