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Rolando Peña is a Venezuelan artist born in 1943. He is one of the pioneers of the 60s Latin-American underground scene and is a main figure of the Venezuelan contemporary art. He was nicknamed the “black prince” and has been involved in theatre, dance, and fine arts since 1958. Read More

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Mene digital (1990) is one of the first digital artwork in Venezuela. The book was published in 1993 but he started to develop the project since the end of the 80’s, in the scientific center of IBM. The work was harsh to make but the work has been incredible to create. He needed one year and a half to make it. He used a beam-plotter. Between all the technics that have been developed for graphical calculation, in order to create solid fractal images, he used the WINSOM system. It allowed creating volumes, modules, and concrete objects build with “primitive geometry”, as blocs, cones, spheres, using three fundamental operations: union, subtraction and the cross-checking of the volumes. The volumes created by Winsom were calculated by the host computer “IBM 3090 in Venezuela” and developed in the graphical station of work 5080, all on one unique screen of 1024x1024pixels and 4096 simultaneous colors. Rolando Peña has made the gold barrel an icon and an allegory of our era. For more than forty years he has personally and artistically identified himself to the theme of the oil. He recognizes the power almost divine that we grant to this black substance (called Mene for the Indians that used it to waterproof their dugouts).

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