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Culture making and Iconoclast since 1996, Tasman Richardson has exhibited extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His practice focuses primarily on video collage using the JAWA method (The manifesto he authored in 1996), fully immersive media installation, live a/v performance, and experiments in decorative limited editions under the alias Pseudonym. Read more

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Standard Definition NTSC video, M2 tape glitches, edited with early non-linear computer editor. Out of entropy, a recognizable word is formed; from chaos comes order. Patterns of noise and color are edited rapidly. They flicker and scroll for the audience. Each pattern is accompanied by its’ own unique sound which, although aesthetically pleasing, seems to have no recognizable meaning. In this video, the images are all nothing more than glitches. These are the discarded and damaged portions of video artworks, yet I have lovingly gathered and composed them. The soundtrack is nothing more than gibberish typed into a computer program with speech capability. Those recorded phrases have then been edited into compact portions and matched randomly to their visual counterparts. The entire piece is a result of incidence; the choreography of disorder.

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