Oracle O

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Culture making and Iconoclast since 1996, Tasman Richardson has exhibited extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His practice focuses primarily on video collage using the JAWA method (The manifesto he authored in 1996), fully immersive media installation, live a/v performance, and experiments in decorative limited editions under the alias Pseudonym. Read more

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The vanity of the looking glass is interrupted by milky clouds of constantly changing Rorschach phantasms. The viewer is led to ignore their familiar features and attend to their true reflection through free association and subconscious influence. The effect is achieved by mixing nurturing benign milk with an intoxicating and bitter concoction of dark alcohol spirits. The Dark and the Light, I and O are a reference to a samurai chant for clearing the mind while practicing archery on horseback… I, O, repeated until the mind is cleared.

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Dimensions 53.5 x 12 x 33 cm

Tasman Richardson






720p HD video (5’14’’), braided fabric power cord, handcrafted hardwood stained casing, LED monitor screen, two-way mirror Plexiglas, digital media player, USB flash drive hand marbled casing


Original artwork

Certificate of authenticity