Trackpad, US drone strikes, Yemen 2014

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Born in France in 1981, Jean-Benoît Lallemant is an artist who questions representation in the age of the Internet, real-time and new communication technologies. In particular, he focuses on the status of painting within this context, and more precisely on the painting of history. Read more

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Trackpad is made of raw linen stretched on a frame. Behind the canvas a mechanism marks the impact points of a remote war : the distortion of the canvas shows U.S. drone strikes in Wasiristan and Yemen. At times of surgical war, history painting reviews its technique and mode of appearance: no more brush, no image remains on the surface,while behind an event happens fleeting and monstrous – which distorts the two-dimensionality of the picture – and leaves no trace.

(Julie Portier)

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Dimensions 350 x 6.5 x 170 cm
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Jean-Benoit Lallemant






Raw canvas, wood and aluminium frame, autonomous electronic device on 12V battery


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