Uncultivated (11.08.02, 29.947318, -90.083033)

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Lynn Cazabon creates work using a diversity of media and methodologies, including photography, video, audio, web, mobile applications, installation and public art. Her work has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally in museums and galleries for the past 20 years. Read more

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Uncultivated is a multi-faceted and modular project focused on wild plants within urban landscapes. The project questions the line we draw between cultivated and uncultivated plants, as well as exploring how urban landscapes evolve over time due to the effects of human induced change. Each photograph has a corresponding webpage containing detailed information on all the plants appearing in them, the location, and the date it was taken and public displays show images taken nearby. Public events are created in collaboration with the local community and the project is customized for each location. The project has thus far been realized in nine cities, including in Wroclaw, Poland, Baltimore, MD USA, Bronx, NY USA, Washington, D.C. USA, and Grand Rapids, MI USA.

This artwork could require 21 days of production.

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Lynn Cazabon






Direct UV print on aluminium with aluminium rails for wall mounting on back, QR code.


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