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Ricardo Mbarkho is a Lebanese artist, researcher, and lecturer. His career is linked to conceptual art, video, and new media. In his work, he explores information and communication through the mutation of cultural industries into creative industries. Ricardo Mbarkho questions the sociopolitical space, using pixels as a representative of a critic analysis on control systems. Read more

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VISITORS is a networked work in the form of a website. A number shows the number of times people have visited this site since it was posted. This indicator is accompanied by a text that the artist has put in several languages. Visitors can update the site and see the number of visitors at any time.

The text says : « VISITORS runs on the Internet since August 12, 2003.

The value of the VISITORS increases each time a visit is made to this site.

«How can a displayed number reflect another universal value? The number displayed above tends toward infinity as long as you push it by visiting and revisiting this site. It indicates a trace of a collective and common passing; a graffiti of a past and present presence.»

The artist assigns the domain name of the artwork to the buyer, registering the domain name as well as the space of the hosting of the artwork in the name of the latter. In this way, the collector will have his name in the register of the domain name, which will publicly give him the status of « Owner ». The name of the acquirer is thus “pasted” to any diffusion of the work.

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