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“Only Human”, human-computer collaboration, intersubjectivity and technology at the Mana Contemporary in Jersey City

Until June 2, 2018, NEW INC, the New Museum’s cultural incubator in New-York, presents Only Human, an exhibition at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, which showcases the work of the first cohort of NEW INC artists participating in the artist-in-residence program at Nokia Bell Labs.

Three former NEW INC members, Sougwen Chung, Lisa Park, and Hammerstep (Jason Oremus and Garrett Coleman), collaborated with Nokia Bell Labs researchers to produce new artistic projects inspired or enabled by Bell Labs technologies. As the culmination of this residency program, the exhibition brings together three projects by the artists created over the last year during their residencies.

The three projects in Only Human are focused on themes of human-computer collaboration and intersubjectivity, the nature of interpersonal relationships in a digitally mediated world, surveillance and power dynamics in a technocratic society, and the inevitable compromises that define our symbiotic relationship with technology. Each work strives to experiment with new artistic forms while also offering a speculative take on our existing social structures and the potential implications of emerging technology.

Despite their strong focus on emerging and future technologies, at their core, each of the three projects is ultimately striving to uncover and highlight qualities that seem innately human—such as empathy, intuition, and unspoken forms of communication like gesture, touch, rhythm, and motion. The works consider what distinguishes human nature from the tools that we create, while also serving to underscore that even these tools are inherently a part of us, as they are also a product of our own imaginations.

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Head of Operations and Production at NEW INC (the Cultural incubator of the New Museum in New-York) presented her new monographic collection on ArtJaws. More information here.

Cover: Installation views of Only Human. Photos: Rain Embuscado.

1/ Installation views of Only Human. Photos: Rain Embuscado.

2/ Installation views of Only Human. Photos: Rain Embuscado.