Born in 1993, Sophie Deltombe lives and works in Paris. She graduated in June 2017 from the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux. Her work questions the hybridization between the physics and the virtual and the dissolution of the boundaries between the private and public spheres. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, she explores control devices, work, manufacturing processes, consumption and compulsions as well as many other fields on which she speculates. She mixes installations, videos and objects in order to create products-alike artworks based on the reappropriation of the manufacturing processes of a product or a gesture for improvement, extension or augmentation. Through the artistic collective “after affect”, she deploys a new vision of her work around issues such as the community, the sense of belonging to a group and the symbolic tools that the individual has to build his identity.

This artist has been selected by the guest curator Anne Roquigny as part of her ArtJaws collection entitled “PHYSICALITY OF THE INTERNET”.