Born in 1982 in Paris, France, Luce Moreau is a photographer and artist based in Marseille. She is the co-founder of OTTO-Prod, a structure dedicated to art production, artist-in-residence and exhibition programme between France and Slovenia, since 2006. After several years exhibiting in festivals and foreign art programs (Backlight Festival – Finland, Italy, Germany, European Month of Photography – Luxembourg), she directed in 2011 the video Volta, at the Space Observatory of Haute Provence – CNRS ; this work offers a realtime and weightless sight of the surrounding landscape. In fall 2012, she has been invited by Vol de Nuits gallery on the Frioul Island for a 45 days long residence, which ended with a solo show untitled Continuum, exhibiting her research and works about retinian persistance on optics and  gathering her observations in conditions of isolation. In 2013, Luce Moreau’s work expands to the thematic  Soleils Numériques (Digital Suns) at the festival Accès-s. DICRéAM Grant support and M2F Créations-LabGamerz partnership allows the artist to present the landscape scale light installation Constance ; this project implements to the nightern hills a graphic clue connecting space to time. Les Palais (the Palaces), as the first chapter of the project Nature Ordonnée (Ordered Nature), is  an ongoing and longterm research in collaboration local and foreign beekeepers ; it crosses utopic architectures and wild instincts of eusocial organisms such as bees hives.

This artist has been selected by the guest curator Ewen Chardronnet as part of his ArtJaws collection entitled “COSMOS OF MUTUAL EXCHANGES”.