Paysage Provençal

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Born in 1982 in Paris, France, Luce Moreau is a photographer and artist based in Marseille. She is the co-founder of OTTO-Prod, a structure dedicated to art production, artist-in-residence and exhibition programme between France and Slovenia, since 2006. After several years exhibiting in festivals and foreign art programs (Backlight Festival – Finland, Italy, Germany, European Month of Photography – Luxembourg), she directed in 2011 the video Volta, at the Space Observatory of Haute Provence – CNRS . Read more

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The passing rocks of Paysage provençal betray their own motion, the rotation of our planet. The motorized equatorial mount used for this photoshoot, usually used in astronomy, operates a counter-rotation. It offers a weightless point of view, revealed by the accumulation of dozens of night pictures via the astronomical software Starmax. In the pictural « traits » of the mechanical painting, one can observe the twitches of the camera shutter, suggesting its inner temporality.

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