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Born in 1982 in Paris, France, Luce Moreau is a photographer and artist based in Marseille. She is the co-founder of OTTO-Prod, a structure dedicated to art production, artist-in-residence and exhibition programme between France and Slovenia, since 2006. After several years exhibiting in festivals and foreign art programs (Backlight Festival – Finland, Italy, Germany, European Month of Photography – Luxembourg), she directed in 2011 the video Volta, at the Space Observatory of Haute Provence – CNRS . Read more

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Landmarks is a project which sets up an anamorphosis made of light marks in the landscapes around Maribor. After selecting one landscape point of view she will keep until the end, the artist, assisted by her team, installs mirror systems according to pre-established brands, that reflect sunlight towards the lens. Various generic and geometric shapes then emerge from a commonplace landscape: a rectangle homothetic to the picture frame, a diagonal joining both ends. The areas reflected in the landscape are like so many areas of resistance, and the sunlight in its natural inclination is thus deflected and thereby transformed into a signal. The dialogue between the light source-the sun-and the photographer becomes intimate and privileged, because only accessible from the view originally taken.

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