Sebastian Thewes is born in 1980 in Solingen, Germany, and lives and works in Cologne. He graduated at Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) in 2015 with honors. From 2013 till 2016 he is giving the seminar “Unsite Temporalities”, together with Dirk Specht in Klanglabor at KHM. His main fields of artistic practice are lying in areas like experimental sound art, video, experimental animation, photography, 3D, and installation. He is exploring the aesthetics and aspects of modern culture, but also tracing ancient remains and follows their way through the now into the future. He is tracking down archaic prototypes and symbols from the past which survived in the tech and science-based culture and revive under the surface of daily life to show up in sometimes unusual times and hidden or unfamiliar ways. He uses those aspects and patterns in a new contemporary context in combination with the research of modern aesthetics to trigger mechanisms of mysticism and animism in the modern sophisticated human. He also addresses the way modern society treats its nature and forces whole species to extinct by simulating and faking aspects of nature in sound installations in public space like parks and urban forests aiming to show how much our sensible nature system is suffering and how filigree it is. His works are on display on international art shows like untitled art fair in Miami, exhibitions in Stockholm, Saint Petersburg and the biennial in Marrakesh. In Germany, he participated in the Transmediale and several exhibitions in ZKM.