Stephane Degoutin is an artist, writer and researcher who now lives and works in Paris. He is known for his experimentations with composite artistic installations, theoretical texts, photography, sounds and places. Some of his main working themes include humanity after men, cities after public space data and architecture after pleasure, whereby he focuses on ambivalence and opposites: war and dance, post-humanity and the obsolescence of mankind, security and terrorism. Gwenola Wagon is a French artist known for her videos, film and sound installations widely exposed in France and abroad.

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon’s ongoing project aims at breaking new grounds and offer a possible exit for mankind to escape what might otherwise be a fatal destiny. Both artists worked together between 2005 and 2009 to analyse, investigate and propose transformations of little-known public spaces by organising forums and events such as “Work Theme Park La Défense”, the Vincennes zoo research lab or the Utopia Factory Abraxas laboratory. Since 2011, they have been focusing on videos and film performances among which the movie Mute, Museum of airport and Dance Party in Iraq. After having co-founded the research lab LOPH Combatting the planned obsolescence of mankind, they put their efforts into the World Brain project which depicts the global networks that surround us. World Brain is meant to question connectivity and shared intelligence, analyse its adverse consequences and ultimately present a possible alternative for mankind.