Cyborgs in the mist

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Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon’s ongoing project aims at breaking new grounds and offer a possible exit for mankind to escape what might otherwise be a fatal destiny. Both artists worked together between 2005 and 2009 to analyse, investigate and propose transformations of little-know public spaces by organizing forums and events such as “Work Theme Park La Défense”, the Vincennes zoo research lab or the Utopia Factory Abraxas laboratory. Since 2011, they have been focusing on videos and filmic performances among which the movie Mute, Museum of airport and Dance Party in Iraq. After having co-founded the research lab LOPH Combatting the planned obsolescence of mankind, they put their efforts into the World Brain project which depicts the global networks that surround us. World Brain is meant to question connectivity and shared intelligence, analyse its adverse consequences and ultimately present a possible alternative for mankind. Read more

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Cyborgs in the Mist is an enquiry which takes the form of a movie, a sound installation, photo prints, and a book. The film presents the LOPH research lab and its utopian proposals to struggle against the planned obsolescence of mankind. The lab is located in the villa Coignet, rue Charles Michel, Saint-Denis, the first house in the world entirely made out of concrete. It is in this place that goes almost unnoticed, that researchers will fight the planned obsolescence of mankind. It aims at experimenting scenarios for the survival of mankind, for when the domination of man upon the planet will end. Taking into account the inevitable development of robotics and artificial forms of intelligence, the LOPH research lab experiments ways to adapt mankind to its new environment, and put it in a position to fight against its planned obsolescence. How can we anticipate this shift in the logic of evolution? How can we adapt to this change with a minimum of violence? Academic teams, science-fiction writers, and very new forms of artificial intelligence work together to anticipate the most disastrous scenarios.

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Gwenola Wagon & Stéphane Dégoutin


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