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With “Langages Machines” Seconde Nature explores the hyper-communication at the Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence until October 22nd, 2017

Albertine Meunier - "Dadaprint3r" (2015)

Felix Luque Sanchez - "Nihil ex Nihilo" (2010)

Lukas Truniger - "Déjà Entendu" (2015)

Until October 22nd, as part of Seconde Nature, the Vasarely Foundation (Aix-En-Provence) welcomes “Langages Machines”. In the age of hyper-communication, the exhibition presents the works of 15 French and international artists invite us to deconstruct the impact of our machines on communication and our relationship to language. An artistic and sensitive invitation to apprehend the transformations of our contemporary world.

At first frozen before the digital revolution, the words are now on exchanged fleetingly, doomed to disappear quickly, corrected, modified, as the algorithms feed our “timeline”. Virtual authors derived from artificial intelligence, hacking of devices to write and to tell: a sensitive route waits for you to deconstruct the impact of our machines on communication and our relation to the language.

The Vasarely Foundation presents the heart of the exhibition “Langages Machines”, including the work “Asemic Languages” by So Kanno & Takahiro Yamaguchi. This work gathers thousands of characters that have been learned by artificial intelligence only for their shapes and patterns. From these analyses, the machine simulates the writing, but this one is not for all that readable. Albertine Meunier will present “DadaPrint3r”, a connected object that allows remote printing from a voice command (co-produced with Art2M). The artist Cécile Babiole is inspired by the disciplines of our childhood. 17 characters are modeled and printed in 3D, then the resulting object is digitized with a 3D scanner then reprinted, and so on. Each new copy accentuates the drift of the forms until the last reproduced objects are unrecognizable. Lukas Truniger will present “Déjà Entendu”, a work which, using algorithms and learning software, texts and opera melodies – inspired by the myth of Faust, the epic of human curiosity and its limits – are reproduced in light and sound in space by 102 screens and as many loudspeakers.

Second Nature welcomes on September 16, the exhibition “Try to feel the firedamp” by Max Paskine and will follow “Shape of Collapses”, an audiovisual performance. The space of Second Nature is as for its part fully dedicated to Max Paskine’s monograph. The artist proposes a selection of works questioning our relationship to the world, to history, to memory and to hope. Max Paskine tries to trace the origin of this collective momentum that is the communication.

CURATORS: Mathieu Vabre, Corentin Touzet, Émilie Fouilloux

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