Albertine Meunier has been practicing so-called digital art since 1998, and is particularly inclined to use the Internet as raw material. She defines herself as a Net artist, which is not necessarily her artistic net value. This mildly obsolete expression—a Net artist is, quite simply, an artist of her time—helps to give her a human face, far from the coldness of digital machines. Her works question, both critically and playfully, big online players such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, as well as our new environment full of transistors and microprocessors, where we live at the speed of fiber optic networks. This online world that Albertine knows so well has become her raw matter for creativity and exploration. In her research and in her artworks, she attempts to reveal the invisible poetry of all things digital. Albertine’s many technical, esthetic and conceptual skills have allowed her to explore this essential poetry and esthetics. She cultivates simple, minimal forms, which may sometimes appear to be “tinkered” from scratch, but she intentionally distances herself from the hyper-technicity of other digital installations. As such, her favorite themes are: esthetics of the Internet, materiality and materialization of the Internet, but also the endless accumulation that results from the digital format. Her desire to give form and rhythm to the invisible and imperceptible aspects of the Internet has led to her unique perspective, where technique and poetry are engaged in an unexpected relationship. As she explores this new world taking shape, many of her works question both space and time: space as both a physical and digital place, both here and there and therefore quantic; time as a lifespan; space and time as a place for memory. With her seemingly hands-off approach, Albertine leads us on a playfully, impertinently and drolly poetic journey. Let’s play a bit with the Internet… thanks to Albertine.