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Cao Yuxi(JAMES)is an artist and coder based in New York City who defines himself as an idealist trying to redeem his pledge under the social pragmatism pressure. Cao Yuxi designs, collaborates and consults on projects across the spectrum of sound-visualisation, programming and computing. Read more

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The Vast Land |千里江山图 (previous known as Thousands Li of Rivers and Mountains) is a data-visual art project that “repaints” Wang Ximeng’s famous painting from the Northern Song Dynasty. Using a live feed and historical PM2.5 archive data from the USA embassy’s “Air Quality Index of Beijing” website and Twitterbot, this work distorts the 900-year-old representation of mountains and landscapes, transforming it into a new piece that disrupts established views. The distortion of the image is directly linked to the real-time data feed about the amount of air pollution in Beijing, up to the point that the landscape is completely falling apart. This work is using code to distort a familiar object in a way that questions established views, connects the past and the present, and hopes to influence the public.

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Yuxi Cao (JAMES)


China, USA




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