Internet, est-ce que tu m’aimes?

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Albertine Meunier has been practicing so-called digital art since 1998, and is particularly inclined to use the Internet as raw material. She defines herself as a Net artist, which is not necessarily her artistic net value. This mildly obsolete expression—a Net artist is, quite simply, an artist of her time—helps to give her a human face, far from the coldness of digital machines. Read More

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In this age deeply anchored ego and narcissism, where to « like » is express instant appreciation, one question becomes fundamental. 5 little dogs with bobbing heads listen to you constantly and reassure you, as long as you ask them the right question: Do you love me? They nod. This piece, connected to the Internet, can play out anywhere in the world, as a duet, one person in one place dialoguing with another person in another place. Transforming this toy dog with its nodding head into a smart object is both an artistic action, related to the Internet-connected ready-made, and a stupid one. Stupid, because what is the use of connecting these cute little doggies to the Internet? They react to your voice and communicate remotely; they express the degree to which the Internet has changed the world and our perspective.

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Albertine Meunier






Doginous and connected printer


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