Nature morte sur Le Monde

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Diego Movilla, a Spanish artist from Burgos, has been living in Tours, France since 2002 and graduated from art school in Bilbao. He speaks about visual installations and how images are presented within them. Based on his experience in the fields of painting and objects, Movilla examines the place of digital images in visual arts and their impacts in terms of realization, reproduction, distribution and reception. Offering an esthetic repertory through painting, Movilla’s work is marked with multiple references, procedures and strategies. Read More

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This series of paintings on newspaper is a play on meaning, juxtaposing a news medium with a masterpiece of art history. The flow of current affairs, presented daily, is thus intercepted and questioned by an image that, having survived the passing of time, assumes a historical authority. The theme of vanities and still lifes in genre painting specifically addresses our powerlessness against passing time and the meaninglessness of human existence in the face of history or the divine. Furthermore, the disaster themes present in the history of art over the centuries are juxtaposed with mainstream news media. This juxtaposition challenges the nature of information presented to us, as well as its propagandist character and its more or less relative legitimacy.

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