Diego Movilla, a Spanish artist from Burgos, has been living in Tours, France since 2002 and graduated from art school in Bilbao. He speaks about visual installations and how images are presented within them. Based on his experience in the fields of painting and objects, Movilla examines the place of digital images in visual arts and their impacts in terms of realization, reproduction, distribution and reception. Offering an esthetic repertory through painting, Movilla’s work is marked with multiple references, procedures and strategies. Characterized by precise lines and forms in lively colors, these exhibitions act as a visual game that constantly refers to movement, time and space. The artist invites us to visit the world of a painting caught between two historical experiments, geometrical abstraction and pop art, but where the medium is always questioned. Straddling canvas and object, plane and levitation, juxtaposed images convey, disguise, embellish or erase reality. Visitors are invited to enter a world where tricks, codes and illusions follow and fuse into each other within our imaginary space.

This artist has been selected by the guest curator Ewen Chardronnet as part of his ArtJaws collection entitled “COSMOS OF MUTUAL EXCHANGES”.